Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So I survived my groggy morning no thanks to HULU. The day went by pretty quickly. I noticed that I wasn't the only sleepy one in class though, the morning was full of big yawns and sighs as we read our open court story, nice to have company in misery. I did eventually wake up, after first recess.

Quick lesson on adjectives and articles ... and I tossed in an off the cuff game for them to play to match the word to the type which was fun. After the game it was worksheet time. It's nice when I can break away from worksheets for a moment and give them something to experience.

Lunch came and I had to run out to find promised rewards for the mos behaved table group. I came across a small store in Paramount, I think it was called the party place? They had just what I needed! I filled my bag FULL of Small tubs of play-doh, little gliders with launchers, and bags of dino-toys! Next door they also owned a tiny sandwich shop ... not only did I get the prizes but I got to eat lunch too! Bonus! I won't forget about this place soon. Total cost for lunch and prizes=$10.00.

My afternoon lesson was about national monuments. Passed out the little book of monuments and was going to have them label each one with me when I realized that I couldn't name them myself! Major bummer for me. Fast switch, I had a book about national symbols in my back pack, so it was off to the carpet for story time (love it when a plan comes together). Now if it were possible I could have done a research lesson: Take the students to the library and fill in the names of the monuments on their own, it might have been doable, dunno.

The story went well regardless and they were learning about the Liberty Bell later anyway so it fit.

The end of the day we had a small celebration to tally the table points and award the prized. I got a few polite thank you's ... love that!

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