Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jetty Jog 8.32 mi / 00:56 06:44 pace

Today's run was a mind game the whole way. I battled against stopping halfway ... it was either that sweet stretch break relief or the proud moment at the end of the run knowing that I pushed through it. I opted to push through. 3/4th of the way I had that gurgling feeling in my bowels, oh, great I think to myself, I've already past my oasis pot. ...gotta make it home.

So when the run hurts and you really want to stop, what do I do?

1. flip my keys in rhythm to my pace, I like the jingling sound.

2. Drum along with my music ... might look a little silly but it's just distracting enough. (I ALWAYS run to music)

3. Punch the air, just a little bit of aggression can go long way.

4. wave to random people as you pass, I always run a bit faster as I pass em for some reason.

What are your strategies?

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