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March, 29, 2010
Jetty Jog 8.32 mi / 00:58 06:57 pace
not much sleep last night and had an EXTREMELY boring day subbing, my students basically had a catchup-on-work day and there was nothing for me to do but make sure everyone was library quiet. I had to shake off the sleepy ... it worked. Another nice day, ya!

March, 26, 2010
Pier Run 4.16 mi
again, ugh.

March, 25, 2010

Jetty Jog 8.32 mi

March, 24, 2010
Jetty Jog 8.32 mi / 00:56 06:44 pace
Today's run was a mind game the whole way, I battled against stopping halfway ... it was either that sweet stretch break relief or the proud moment at the end of the run knowing that I pushed through it. I opted to push through. So when the run hurts and you really want to stop, what do I do? 1. flip my keys in rhythm to my pace, I like the jingling sound. 2. Drum along with my music ... might look a little silly but it's just distracting enough. 3. Punch the air, just a little bit of aggression can go long way.

March 23, 2010
Pier Run 4.16 mi / 00:30 07:11 pace
Well, you can't expect me to run the same pace 2 days in a row can you?

March 22, 2010 
Jetty Jog 8.32 mi / 00:55 06:34 pace
Best run in a long time, perfect weather! Sunny, with a slight bit of a cool breeze. Definitely pushed hard at the end and finished strong. Not sure if this is my fastest run ever, but it should be.

Your Training for 03/15/2010 - 03/21/2010
Miles:    42.49        Time:    04:59         Calories:    4526    Workouts:    6