Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just signed up for a sub job at a local high school teaching language arts ... Never taught high school before, or lang. arts for that matter. Wait! Does open court have anything to do with art? Um, YESsir! ... only if you break the rules. there was a question today:

Circle the word that doesn't fit (football, soccer, dance, basketball)

Everyone chose dance, I asked why? Blank stares until one student said that football, soccer, and basketball are all sports. "Ah true" I say "so what is dance?" More blank stares! I inform them that dance is art. "ART?" They questioned. I was surprised that they were surprised. It made for a fun conversation about art. Of course dance could be a sport as well, so I didn't really like the question to begin with and so provided me freedom to digress.
Time to get some wings for the seat of my pants.

Any HS teachers out there that have some thoughts to prepare for my sub job?

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