Friday, April 16, 2010

Manly Manners

Manly Manners
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Today my students EARNED an ice cream party. Earned because they had to show me positive behavior for them to get the required points (marbles placed by me in a jar). What is positive behavior? Following my instructions, being respectful and staying on task. Not easy for students to do when my rules and expectations are new and opposed to what they're accustomed to. They did it though, and I wasn't about to let them fail. I actively looked for opportunities to reward students and it helps to encourage a positive environment.

This past week I just expected them to do what I asked ... blind and robotic response. Bla.

Next week the stakes go up. They have to earn 70 marbles. They WILL succeed. This time I'll arm them with knowledge. Wha??? Yes, the most essential knowledge, manners.

Next week they'll know not to just to do what I say, but how respect is earned (everyone wants to be respected) and the tools they need to earn it, manners. My marble dropping will be much more discriminating, but they will succeed because they will have the tools to succeed. Bring on the ice cream!!!

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