Friday, April 23, 2010

Progress is coming along in room 25; I have 2 more weeks with my students so I needed to assess them ASAP, to their pain (sorry kids). I've much to grade this weekend (math facts, comprehension, fluency .. agh) it's nice to hit em fast and hard, get it over with. They did really well, and I know it wasn't easy for them, or me...I hate tests as much as they do.

You might be asking, was there another ice cream party this week? Nope, unfortunately. I had some items that held them back, yes, I held my student's back (not intentionally) ... but I can only do so much in so little time. They have the tools to succeed now, but I couldn't get it done soon enough for this week. These are HUGE changes in a classroom and it takes time and patience. Some lessons did suffer for it, but behavior has improved, gosh unbelievably! They're so proud to show their initiative! A loud classroom brings out my silent signal (without prompt) from my scholars, and the whole classroom responds quickly. I'm soooo proud of them.

**The desks needed to be re-arranged into groups/teams (The Sharks, The Dodgers, The Sports Team, The Eagles, The Incredibles),

**They needed mailboxes,

**they needed an individual Super Scholar who reads my mind and does what's expected without my prompt awarded daily,

**They needed me to finally own my class.

I talked about this last week, and it wasn't until Wed. that I made it all come together. Baby steps. Thursday and Friday were AWESOME!! I wanted to celebrate, but ... not enough marbles, bummer.

Next week I will be proud to have the BEST class on campus.

PS. Today we had a fire drill (just as the students finished cleaning out their desks moving into their new team, CHAOS). I used my silent signal, the class followed suit and a hush allowed me to deliver instructions to guide them out of the classroom to our safe area. As we walked my 23 scholars kept their silent signal up (2 fingers raised over their head) as we walked I was able to manage the class and guide them safely to the checkpoint. The line was straight and perfect, thanks to my line leader. We were the most impressive classroom on the field for the fire drill! These are not my words, this was said to me by the assistant principal! I have NEVER been so proud of my students. Funny, I was a bit emotional and I definitely them know how awesome they did.

Rock on Room 25!

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