Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rule # 1: When you are teaching in a classroom for more than a week, OWN IT! I'm subbing for 2 weeks or more in a second grade class.

The first few days I'll admit I trying to blend in with the teacher's structure and organization model, but with the teacher's podium too being too small, papers on the floor, overhead projector not usable, no space for student workstations ... NOT working for my style. Executive decision yesterday? Reboot the classroom structure to meet my needs.

I cleaned up the piles of paper on the floor and moved around desks so that the class is more fluid during transition times and the classroom is structured with better usable space.

I set a check in structure so I don't have to take roll.

I created a lacking positive reinforcement behavior plan using LOUD clanking marbles to sound off students that are doing well and are contributing to a reward at the end of the week (if 50 marbles are in the jar at the end of the week, reward!!) WHOLE CLASS REWARD.

I defined consequences so that students may take ownership of actions.

I created my own lesson plans that best suited my expectations, and offered the support so that students will succeed.

I offered an positive incentive individual behavior plan so that students can evaluate and correct their own behavior choices.

I created my own lesson plans (do this only if the teacher allows deviation from their plan!!!).

One week down, and things are finally rolling along smoothly ... now that I OWN the class. (Just don't forget to put things back :))

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